about the budding girl sounds blog

Hi, I’m SJ. Welcome to my blog.

here’s the run-down on what girl sounds is about

  • Sharing droolworthy photos/art and articles/video clips/links that I find interesting and challenging!
  • And writing reviews and commentaries for stuff. You know, the egotistical kind.

If I didn’t take a photo, I’ve cited the source (these are the majority of the images on the blog). I think citing my sources is important because it values the creators’ hard work and it helps show internet chronology/image spread. It also allows you a chance to see the original image in its intended environment, which can change the way we view it. You can follow an image to where I found it by by clicking the name of the source link underneath the image, or in the case of posts between Dec 28 2011 and March 20 2012, click on the photo itself to open the source page in a new tab. But I’m going through those slowly to standardize everything.

(please comment, engage, question, argue, share!)


One comment on “about the budding girl sounds blog

  1. Kinenchen says:

    I nominated you for a Lovely Blogger Award. You deserve it, m’lady. Thanks for enriching me.

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